Innovations in Holocaust Education: Exploring the Holocaust through Digital Media


DATE | Thursday, March 24, 2022
TIME |  9:30 AM EST – 11:30 AM EST
ONLINE | FREE | registration required

*Program intended for high school students. 


This year, the Neuberger is excited to present a Virtual High School Student Symposium that offers an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at some of the groundbreaking technologies being used to advance Holocaust education at the future Toronto Holocaust Museum, a state-of-art-facility opening in 2023. From life-size testimony kiosks and Augmented Reality to specialized tablet experiences you’ll get to preview some of the latest technology in development and let us know what you think! In addition, through a series of Masterclass workshops students will engage with professionals who are using technology to promote trustworthy Holocaust information and education locally and globally. This interactive symposium will encourage students to think critically about the ways in which the Holocaust will be taught in the future and how its ongoing relevance will stand the test of time.  

Program Schedule


9:30 AM | Program Begins - Keynote
10:30 AM | Masterclass Session 1
11:00 AM | Masterclass Session 2 
11:30 AM | Program Concludes 


See below for more information on the Keynote and Masterclass sessions.

How to Register?


Register your class and select two of four Masterclass breakouts described below.

KEYNOTE (attended by all)


Behind-the-Scenes: Technology & The Toronto Holocaust Museum


In this keynote address, the Neuberger’s Executive Director, Dara Solomon, will be joined by Amy Maddox, Principal Creative Director at Cortina Productions, to provide students with an exclusive glimpse into the new technologies being integrated into the future Toronto Holocaust Museum. Through renderings and images, students will preview the life-size survivor testimony kiosks and the development of user controlled Augmented Reality.



The Tik Tok Era: The Misappropriation of the Holocaust Online

The Holocaust, although often regarded as a historical event, has undeniable relevance in today’s world. From disturbing vaccine mandate comparisons, to the reverberation of Nazi symbols like the Swastika in mainstream culture and the appropriation of the Star of David – young learners encounter problematic messaging, misinformation and distortion everywhere. This type of Holocaust distortion is especially present for today’s youth through social media and other online forums. How can we provide young learners with safe and reliable information to unpack the misinformation they are seeing online? Tik Tok’s recent partnership with UNESCO to promote factual information about the Holocaust is a great example of how we can combat the hateful rhetoric and spread of online misinformation. In this session, the Neuberger’s Online Hate & Education Research Project team will discuss some of the problematic Holocaust related content that has appeared on Tik Tok and what you can do about it. 



The Holocaust and Video Games

This session explores representations of the Holocaust and fascism within popular video games. Designed in the style of streamers, in this recurring series we will play individual games, unpacking what we can (and cannot) learn about the Holocaust from each game, and what each game ultimately says about how we remember the Holocaust. 



Narrating History: Exploring Holocaust Survivor Testimony in the Toronto Holocaust Museum

For more than four decades, Holocaust survivors have been instrumental in providing the necessary human link for young people to understand the individual experiences of this history. As we reach an era without this physical human link, we must look for innovative and engaging ways to keep the experiences alive. The Neuberger has been preserving the recorded testimonies of Holocaust survivors for years and is excited to showcase some of the dynamic ways we will be integrating survivor testimonies into the new exhibit space. Join this session to learn more about the ways in which we will bring Holocaust testimony into the future and how we will ensure these vital experiences will withstand the test of time. 



Breaking Down Borders: Holocaust Education from Canada to Austria 

Each year the Neuberger partners with the Austrian Service Abroad to host a “Gedenkdiener,” a young person who chooses to spend their mandatory service working in the field of Holocaust education, remembrance and commemoration. This year, we welcomed Samuel Summer, whose service has looked a little different. As a result of the pandemic, Samuel has had to look for new ways to engage students, virtually. Samuel is joined by Toronto-based Holocaust survivor, Edith Gelbard, to discuss how technology has enabled them to provide the important narratives of Holocaust survivors and Holocaust education to students across the GTA and across borders, all the way to Austria. 

This program is generously supported by May & Fred z”l Karp and Family.