29 2020


30 2020

The Neuberger @ TJFF - "When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit"

12:00AM - 11:55PM  

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit 
Screening: Thursday, October 29 - Friday October 30 (48 hours)
Zoom Q&A: Saturday, October 31 @ 3 PM with director Caroline Link

Caroline Link, director of the Academy Award-winning film Nowhere in Africa, delivers a beautifully-rendered family drama based on the best-selling children’s novel by Judith Kerr. Nine-year-old Anna’s privileged life comes to an end when her father is arrested and she must flee Germany with her mother and brother, leaving behind her beloved stuffed rabbit. Over the next few years, they move from Switzerland to Paris, before finally settling in London. In each place, Anna must learn new languages and cultures in order to assimilate into a new life as a refugee seeking asylum in a foreign country.