5 2019

Rescuing Stories While We Can

7:30PM - 9:30PM  

Beth Radom Congregation 18 Reiner Road
Toronto, ON

Dialogue for Descendants Lecture​

Most children of survivors are hard pressed to retell their parents’ experiences with the details of places, dates, and facts which escape their grasp. Children of Holocaust survivors often heard or overheard stories of that black time in history. The tales were spoken in hushed tones in Yiddish, German or Polish and sometimes they were told with words and sometimes with a distant, anguished look. Rarely did their stories have any chronological or spatial order. Rather they floated in a timeless chaotic other-world.

How can we rescue the stories which may soon pass into oblivion? What can we learn from their history to protect our future? This program, designed specifically for children of Holocaust survivors and their partners, features Peggy Shapiro, Executive Director of StandWithUs Midwest and daughter of Holocaust survivors, addressing the importance of capturing these stories before it is too late.

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This program is intended for children of Holocaust survivors and their partners.