5 2018

Aktion T4 - The First Victims of the Holocaust - Presentation & Tour

10:30AM - 12:00PM  

Reena Community Residence 49 Lebovic Campus Drive
Vaughan, ON L6A 4V4

Contact Joana Samuels & Nicole Lipsey
905-889-6484 ex 2121

A: 25-minute interactive presentation on Hitler's "Aktion T4" program and the the Eugenics Movement. This program seeks to raise awareness about the murder of people with disabilities during the Holocaust and help prevent the mistreatment of vulnerable people in the future.  A 15-minute tour, led by Reena individuals, of the outdoor Maxwell and Ruth Leroy Holocaust Remembrance Garden, honouring the memory of over 200,000 people with disabilities murdered during World War II is included.

Nicole Lipsey is the supervisor of Reena's Faith & Culture and Jewish community inclusion departments. Joanna Samuels is the supervisor of Reena's Employment Resource Department. Both presenters' expertise is in building community and workplace inclusion spaces for all individuals with developmental disabilities.