8 2018

Entartete Musik – Degenerate Music

1:30PM - 3:00PM  

Miles Nadal JCC 750 Spadina Ave
Toronto, ON M5S 2J2

416-924-6211 x155

‘Jewish’, ‘Degenerate’, ‘Bolshevik’ were terms the Nazis used to describe any music not acceptable to the Third Reich. What constituted degenerate – Entartete – music was the content, political view, composer’s religion or race. When the Nazis came to power, all Jewish musicians, composers and administrators were dismissed; many fled and later, many were killed. Some composers escaped during the 1930s and worked in exile. Learn how this happened and how people coped.

Dr. Joseph Gilbert is a retired physician and neuropathologist. A lifelong classical music fan, Dr. Gilbert has in recent years concentrated on the interface of Judaic subjects and music, lecturing on such topics as: The Portrayal of Jews in Opera; The Music of Felix Mendelssohn; The Dybbuk and The Golem.

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