18 2018

Double Threat: Canadian Jews, the Military and World War II

11:00AM - 1:00PM  

Bathurst Clark Resource Library 900 Clark Ave. W.
Thornhill, ON L4J 8C1

Contact Diane Fazekas
905-653-7323, ext. 4131 (extension may change)

During World War II, more than 17,000 Jewish Canadians enlisted. They served in every branch of the armed forces and in the merchant marine. Join author Ellin Bessner whose new book explores the lives of Canadian Jewish soldiers who fought not only for freedom and democracy but for the very survival of Europe’s Jews.

Born in Montreal, Ellin Bessner studied journalism and political science at Carleton University. As a reporter for CBC and CTV, she has covered news stories across the globe including several civil wars in Africa. She is currently a professor at Centennial College Journalism School in Toronto.