Virtual Holocaust Survivor Testimony 

Bringing the voices and stories of Holocaust survivors to the comfort and safety of your own home

As we face a challenging crossroads in Holocaust education, with fewer Holocaust survivors able to tell their personal stories, the Neuberger is committed to sharing firsthand, live testimony of survivors for as long as possible. 

This exciting initiative allows individuals to connect with Holocaust survivors in small group settings, virtually, during these unprecedented times. Through testimony, Holocaust survivors are able to offer unique perspectives on the world and remind us of the strength and resilience of the individual spirit, when faced with the most difficult circumstances. Hearing directly from a witness allows us to better understand how the history of the Holocaust impacted individuals and offers us deeper insight into one person’s experiences.

This program is exclusively intended for groups of students (grade 7-12+) and members of the general public with a minimum group of 15 people.


Dates and times are subject to availability.
Sessions are only available between 9:30am - 7:30pm (final start time).


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