Welcome to Holocaust Education Week

We're proud to launch this year's program, taking place from Sunday, November 3 until Sunday, November 10.
The complete program is now available online with complete listings and program information. To download a digital copy of the print program guide, click here.
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We are delighted to welcome you to the 39th year of Holocaust Education Week. As you flip through this year’s guide, you will see that our programs curated around the theme, The Holocaust and Now, appear to have been “torn from the headlines.” With so much social, cultural and political turmoil occurring globally, we find ourselves discussing the relationship between the Holocaust and what is happening around us today.
It is both timely and necessary for HEW to address our current zeitgeist–the rise of global antisemitism, denial, hate crimes, both online and in our own neighbourhoods, a reckoning with difficult aspects of our Canadian past; and conversely, an examination of how the legacy of the Holocaust has inspired positivity, action and change. Through panels, conversations, films, musical performances, theatre and exhibitions–HEW 2019 offers different ways for existing and new audiences to engage with the narratives of the Holocaust.
HEW 2019 continues to offer first-person testimony in the classroom and in specially designed programs for students across the GTA. Additionally, our professional development workshop for teachers and high school symposium ensure the next generation is meaningfully learning about the Holocaust through best practices, newly designed Neuberger resources, and engagement with survivor testimony and artefact study. This year’s guide is comprehensive, including both the Neuberger curated programs and a thoughtful array of programs organized by dozens of community partners. We hope you will share your enthusiasm for HEW with friends, family, and colleagues; and help the Neuberger expand its reach to the next generation. Thank you to all our survivors, supporters, staff, and volunteers for making HEW possible.
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Welcome to HEW 2019:
The Holocaust and NOW

Learn what staff, volunteers, and attendees have to say about this exciting week of programming and join us to discover what the Holocaust means to YOU.

HEW 2019 archival and artistic photos courtesy of Rainer Hoess, Nobuki Sugihara, Allison Nazarian, Lorie Shaull, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, Peggy Shapiro, Films We Like, Rabbi Chaim Strauchler, Samuel Goldwyn Films, Library and Archives Canada, Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company, Saloon Media, MI POLIN, Docs for Education, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Ontario Jewish Archives.

Neuberger event and documentary photos courtesy of Dahlia Katz Photography, Michael Rajzman, Photo by Liora, Shayna Markowitz / Bluetrail Creative, and Seed9.
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Holocaust Education Week is at a crossroads. Faced with the passing of living memory, ongoing local demographic shifts and international surges in antisemitism and intolerance, we must pose a difficult question: 75 years later, why should Canadians learn about the Holocaust?
Holocaust Education Week 2019 examines the Holocaust from a universal perspective through our theme, The Holocaust and Now. Through multidisciplinary programming throughout the GTA from November 3-10, we seek to illuminate the relevance of Holocaust education to all Canadians and their concerns for the 21st century. The Holocaust continues to offer multiple points of entry for learning about the dangers of hatred while finding meaning and working to make a difference in our world. Programs will examine the intersections of the Holocaust with current events, inherited legacies, ongoing suppression of freedoms, and humanity’s will to make the world a better place.
Despite some troubling results from a recent study commissioned by the Azrieli Foundation in partnership with the Claims Conference, 85% of Canadians agree on Holocaust education’s importance. The challenge that lies before us is to maintain its relevance before it fades from memory. Join us this year as we explore why the Holocaust matters NOW. Together, we can continue to build a brighter tomorrow for all.
About HEW

Holocaust Education Week is the Neuberger's annual signature program. Cited by scholars as one of the most comprehensive vehicles for Holocaust education and remembrance in the world, it has been recognized as a “Best Practice” in the field by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance(IHRA).

Holocaust Education Week Leadership
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At the Neuberger, we recognize that recent events, both globally and in our own backyard, demonstrate a frightening rise of antisemitism. In response, this year’s Holocaust Education Week will examine the Holocaust from multiple contemporary perspectives, illuminating its relevance to all Canadians. During HEW and year-round, we are committed to presenting educational experiences for adults, students and youth across the GTA that inspire meaningful dialogue about the dangers of bigotry and hate.
Please support this extraordinary week of programming as we explore why the Holocaust matters NOW.
Together, we can continue to build a brighter tomorrow for all.