Holocaust Education Week 2020 powered by the Virtual J!


The Neuberger and the Virtual J are excited to partner to bring Holocaust Education Week 2020 to the comfort and safety of your home! Access all HEW 2020 programs by registering at virtualjcc.com/channel/holocaust-education-week.

Hindsight 2020

Since 1982, Holocaust Education Week (HEW) has inspired and engaged people across the GTA in learning about the Holocaust. HEW has grown to be an internationally recognized best practice in Holocaust Education. Thoughtful and pedagogically sound programming that remembers the past while helping build a strong, civil society that respects diversity while dispelling antisemitic and racist myths has been a hallmark of HEW.

Holocaust Education Week 2020 will continue this important legacy. Despite the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Neuberger will transform programming through digital and online technologies.

A Neuberger curated series of online activities will inspire, educate, and recognize the remarkable contributions of Holocaust survivors while compelling us to contribute to an inclusive society for all Canadians. Online resources will provide educators and students with the tools needed to learn about the Holocaust in a pedagogically robust manner; our digital platform will allow the public to hear poignant survivor testimony at home or anywhere in the world; and our opening night online program will allow thousands to discover the meanings that the Holocaust holds for us today.

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a rise in acts of antisemitism, Holocaust denial and distortion. The Neuberger has, and will continue to amplify our commitment to meaningful Holocaust education. With the Holocaust as a moral compass indicating the dangers of antisemitism, racism, and extremism we must build upon the foundation already established.

As custodians of this legacy, the Neuberger believes that learning about and from the past can help build a brighter tomorrow. Join us in creating the future of Holocaust remembrance and education, today.