Holocaust Education Week in the Downtown Core


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Creating Art After Witnessing Bergen-Belsen: The Story of Canadian Painter Alex Colville 

Alex Colville (1920-2013) is renowned as one of Canada’s most famous painters. However, few know about the historically key role that he played in the liberation of Bergen-Belsen. This talk from Dr. Sara Angel will address both Colville’s significant role at Bergen-Belsen as witness and documenter of the Holocaust. As well, it will explore how the chaos of Nazi Europe transformed his outlook and art, informing all his post-war work and laying a foundation for him to become one of Canada’s most iconic painters.

November 2 - More Information

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Prosecuting “The Uncondemned”

Award-winning investigative reporter on “NOW with Bill Moyers” (PBS), Michele Mitchell discusses her experiences documenting and sharing the gripping and world-changing story of a group of young international lawyers and activists who fought to make rape a crime of war, and the Rwandan women who came forward to testify and win justice where there had been none. Through short clips extracted from her 2016 documentary The Uncondemned, Mitchell will illustrate the ongoing struggles lawyers and advocates face prosecuting acts of genocide.

November 5 - More Information

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Postwar Injustice: The Enduring Legacy of Failed Nazi trials in Postwar Germany

University of Toronto’s Professor Rebecca Wittmann, whose research focuses on German legal history, discusses German postwar trials of Nazi perpetrators. In this engaging talk, she discusses the distortions generated by West German Nazi trials in the postwar period. Unlike the more widely known international criminal laws used in Allied Nazi trials, German Nazi trials used a completely different legal framework which had dismal and lasting effects to German law and German Holocaust memory.

November 6 - More Information

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Unresolved Legacies: Still Coping with the Consequences of the Holocaust

More than seventy years after the end of the Second World War, the world is still coping with the terrible Nazi legacy of prejudice, antisemitism and Holocaust denial. Yet many aspects of civil society are working hard to resolve outstanding issues and educate future generations to ensure that the memory of the Holocaust remains relevant in the twenty-first century. Sir Andrew Burns addresses the significance of international cooperation to produce agreements such as the Stockholm Declaration and IHRA’s working definition of antisemitism that advance the fight against antisemitism while tackling unresolved issues of the Holocaust.

November 8 - More Information

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