Holocaust Education Week for Students & Educators


Available online, beginning November 2021


The Neuberger welcomes you back to a new school year with an assortment of online resources to help in teaching about the Holocaust as well as an exciting array of digital programs to mark Holocaust Education Week in November. Check out the programs below for more information and to reserve for your class.

Survivor speaker sessions


This November, the Neuberger offers weekly opportunities for your class to engage with first-hand accounts of survival with Holocaust survivor speaker Zoom sessions. See below schedule and sign up using the button below. All programs offered through Zoom.


November 2 – 10am

November 4 – 1pm

November 9 – 10am

November 10 - 1pm

November 16 – 10am

November 18 – 1:30pm

November 24 – 10am

November 30 – 10am

Peer Education

with our Austrian Gedenkdiener


Samuel Summer begins his 10-month placement at the Neuberger as part of a special Holocaust Remembrance Program for young Austrians. He is available to speak with individual classes and groups about his motivation for choosing this program as well as to share how the Holocaust is taught in Austrian schools. To reserve your program, click here.

Custom Programs


Kindertransport, Kristallnacht


Interested in learning about how the Kindertransport program rescued some Jewish children from the Nazi persecution or how Jewish youth experienced the Kristallnacht pogrom? Classroom sessions that include a Neuberger curated film and an educator to facilitate discussion are available via Zoom. Click here for all the details.

The Holocaust and Video Games


Launching the Neuberger's Video Game Engagement Program


Join us as we explore representations of the Holocaust and fascism within popular video games. Designed in the style of streamers, in this recurring series we will play individual games, unpacking what we can (and cannot) learn about the Holocaust from each game, and what each game ultimately says about how we remember the Holocaust. Content Warning: some of the material is rated 17+. Program is designed for senior high school students.

November 12 – 1:30 | November 19 – 1:30 | offered via Zoom

Creating Critical Thinkers through Holocaust Education


A professional development opportunity


Tuesday, October 26, 2021 ~ 4:00-5:00 pm EST ~ Register here

How do we teach students to be curious about what they read, ask relevant questions, and think critically?
Answer: Engage them in the stories of people who survived all that history threw at them—stories they can relate to—and teach them how to analyze the photographs and interviews of the people who lived those stories. Join Centropa and the Neuberger for an hour of learning with primary sources that you can bring back directly to your students. 
What is Centropa? Centropa, a Jewish historical institute based in Vienna, interviewed 1,200 elderly Jews living in 15 European countries. We did not use video but rather asked our respondents to tell us their entire life stories spanning the 20th c. as they showed us their old family photographs.
Centropa offers teachers a database of thousands of annotated photos, hundreds of interviews, and scores of award-winning, short multimedia films (none longer than 30 minutes)—ideal for creating virtual or in-class projects that teach digital literacy, promote critical thinking, increase global awareness—all free of charge. 

About HEW 2021: Holocaust Distortion, Myths and Misinformation  


Just 76 years since liberation, a new challenge threatens the memory of the HolocaustSpread instantly via social media and normalized through pop culture, the surge of Holocaust distortion, myths and misinformation has become increasingly common and dangerous. 


It is evident in video game culture, the re-writing of Holocaust history by authoritarian leaders, the yellow star used by anti-vaccination protesters, memes with twisted Holocaust-laden imagery, the appearances of youth dressed as victims of the Shoah on TikTok—to name just a few recent examples.  


Protecting the facts, countering falsehoods, and safeguarding the memory of the Holocaust is at the core of HEW 2021. Learn more about HEW and view program highlights, check out the calendar, and join us!