7 2019

Children of the Holocaust with Maximilian Murg

10:30AM - 12:30PM  

Fort York Library 190 Fort York Blvd.
Toronto, ON

Eyewitness accounts from history, brought to life in animation for a young audience.

Holocaust survivors recount their childhood experiences of life during the Nazi era, their escape from occupied Europe to Britain, adapting to a new life and how their lives unfolded

  • Ruth is a five-year-old girl escaping from eastern Germany and from Nazi-occupied Prague. She arrives in England the moment war is declared.
  • Martin is an eight-year-old boy, expelled from Germany to Poland in the middle of the night by the Nazis, who escapes to England only to experience the worst of the Blitz in Coventry.
  • Trude is a frightened nine-year-old brought to England without her family on the Kindertransport, who struggles to adapt to life in Britain away from her parents.
  • Heinz is a 13-year-old boy who witnesses the effects of anti-Jewish laws, Nazi demonstrations and pogroms, and escapes persecution in Germany only to be arrested as an 'enemy alien' in Britain.
  • Resourceful 14-year-old Arek survives against all odds in appalling conditions in the concentration camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau.
  • Suzanne, aged six, is violently separated from her parents in Nazi-occupied Paris. Deprived of her family, freedom and education, she is hidden in the countryside and forced to work on a farm.


Maximilian Murg is the tenth Holocaust memorial service intern sent by the Austrian Service Abroad. He is placed with the Sarah and Chaim Neuberger Holocaust Education Centre through June 2020. Maximilian was born and raised in Graz, located in Styria. He attended a Higher Technical College for Art & Design and will be studying Industrial Design, after completing his memorial service. Maximilian is a competitive swimmer with a passion for Open Water Swimming. Maximilian decided to do Austrian Holocaust Memorial Service (“Gedenkdienst”) to learn more about his country’s past and to help to remember those events that had happened in the past, so they will never happen again. Furthermore, he is looking forward to sharing his experience and his perspective with students and young adults in Canada.​