4 2018

The Buried Raging Sermons of the Warsaw Ghetto Rabbi

7:30PM - 9:30PM  

Beth Torah Congregation 47 Glenbrook Avenue
Toronto, ON M6B 2L7

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Less known than the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, another equally heroic act of resistance lives in its shadow. The Oyneg Shabbesgroup of writers buried thousands of documents leaving a permanent legacy of their struggle. Rabbi Shapira’s weekly sermons were discovered among these treasures. They represent a unique theological struggle with the incomprehensible evil of the Shoah. James Diamond has published about these sermons and will discuss their contribution to the perpetuation of Holocaust memory.

Prof. James A. Diamond is the Joseph & Wolf Lebovic Chair of Jewish Studies, University of Waterloo. He specializes in biblical interpretation, Jewish thought and philosophy, and rabbinics. His publications cover a broad area of Jewish thought ranging from ancient Israel, to medieval Egypt, to the Warsaw Ghetto.