19 2018


17 2018

Sandra Haar: A Portfolio of the Witnesses / Art Publication Launch


Open Studio Contemporary Printmaking Centre 401 Richmond Street West, Suite 104
Toronto, ON

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This project takes as its subject a selection of video testimonies from Yahad-In Unum Archives and Research Center in Paris. During her visit, artist Sandra Haar viewed witness testimonies of the mass execution of the Jewish population in Eastern Europe (1941-1943) from the town in which her grandmother went into hiding and likely where she was killed. Ten portraits and excerpts of testimony from several witnesses are included in Haar's delicate, evocative lithographic print (in English/French editions).

Sandra Haar is a Toronto-based artist and printmaker creating through books, folded paper and other formats. Her artistic practice focuses on subjectivity and representation, with current interest in identification and compassionate witnessing across social and historical locations. She works through hand-rendered techniques, traditional print processes, text, and translation.