5 2018

Hierarchy and Queer Desire in the Holocaust / Neuberger HEW Lecture

7:30PM - 9:30PM  

Glad Day Bookshop 499 Church Street
Toronto, ON

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In the Tiefstack satellite camp in winter 1945, prisoners observed with fascination and disgust the relationship between the guard Anneliese Kohlmann and prisoner Lotte Winter. Winter, a beautiful young Czech Jewish woman, had already engaged in a relationship with a male kapo in Auschwitz. Kohlmann, whom most survivors described as a “decent” guard, believed they had a future together: Winter let Kohlmann believe that she reciprocated her feelings. The discomfort related to Kohlmann illustrated the brutal homophobia of the prisoner society and survivors, a subject only recently studied by scholars. Dr. Anna Hájková, associate professor in History at the University of Warwick, analyzes the prisoner society as a site of same-sex behavior. Through Kohlmann’s story, we can consider enforced and consensual sexuality in the camps, powerlessness and agency, issues of narrativity and the politics of the Holocaust archives, and, finally, how can we write a queer history of the Holocaust.

Presented in partnership with the Ontario Public Service Pride Network, the Miles Nadal JCC, and the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs.


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