4 2018

Getting Real About Never Again/ Franka Kon: From Yellow Star to Yellow Rose

6:00PM - 8:00PM  

Melrose Community Church 375 Melrose Ave
North York, ON M5M 1Z6

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(416) 785-1980

Getting Real About Never Again with Franka Kon / From Yellow Star to Yellow Rose

 My Haggadah

96 year-old Holocaust survivor, Franka Kon, will tell her story about her past and her story of today. She will recount her self-published book From Yellow Star to Yellow Rose, her Haggadah, and talk to future generations about how she hopes they will honour the stories of the past, be accountable and remember. Forever.

Franka Kon is a Auschwitz Holocaust survivor born in Lodz, Poland, currently living in Toronto, ON. She spends her days contemplating how future generations will remember the Shoah and has some ideas to make it happen. Franka plans to travel to Poland in summer 2019 to celebrate her 97th birthday and to commemorate the anniversary of the liquidation of the ghetto. At her 'young' age, she is still trying to make a difference.