6 2018

Bringing Memory to Life / Talk with Artists

7:30PM - 9:30PM  

Adath Israel Congregation 37 Southbourne Ave
Toronto, ON
(416) 635-5340

Born in Germany and moved to Belgium in 1938, Ruth Smith survived the Holocaust as a hidden child. She was brought to Canada with the help of the Canadian Jewish Congress in 1948. 

Elly Friedman was born in Amsterdam and at the age of just 9 months, she was rescued from being sent to Auschwitz and was hidden at a farmer’s home during the war. 

Understand these unique stories of survival, family, and courage through the quilts that were created by Ruth and Elly, as part of the Golden Hands Quilting Club at Adath Israel Congregation under the leadership of Stephanie Kepecs. 

In exquisite fabric works of art they have created portraits which have enabled them to bring memories of that time in their childhood to life.