HEW 2017 Opening Night


In The Shadow Of The Reich: Reflections on a Familial Legacy

Join us for opening night of HEW 2017 for a thought provoking discussion with Niklas Frank, son of the notorious Governor General of Nazi-occupied Poland, Hans Frank. Niklas reveals his thoughts on his father’s guilt and responsibility in the Holocaust. He speaks openly and candidly about his father's involvement in Nazi crimes as well as his mother Brigitte Franks’s embrace of power and privilege.

Hans Frank was the personal lawyer to Adolf Hitler before becoming the Governor General of Nazi occupied Poland. He was responsible for the mass relocation of the Polish Jewish population to ghettos as well as their deportation to concentration camps. Found guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity at the Nuremberg Trials, on October 1, 1946 Hans Frank was sentenced to hang. The execution was carried out on October 16, 1946. 

In conversation with broadcast journalist Caryn LiebermanNiklas Frank explores the pivotal moments in coming to terms with a familial past that is intertwined with the crimes of National Socialism.

Niklas Frank was a young child when Hitler appointed his father Governor-General of Nazi-occupied Poland. He was seven years old when his father was found guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity at the Nuremberg trials in 1946. Following a distinguished career in Germany as a journalist, Niklas set out to uncover, and reveal the truth about his father’s role in the Holocaust. Using primary source material including his father's diaries, archival material, witness testimonies as well as his personal memories, Niklas Frank authored several books dealing with his familial past including In the Shadow of the Reich (1991) and was the subject of the documentary My Nazi Legacy: What Our Fathers Did, an intimate and haunting account of two families attempts to deal with their past. 

Caryn Lieberman is the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors with a deep and abiding commitment to increasing awareness and knowledge about the Shoah. In 2011, Caryn was awarded the Adrienne Clarkson Award for Diversity for her one-hour special on CP24 that featured Neuberger Holocaust Education Week. Caryn currently works at Global News Toronto.

CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) service provided at this event.

Opening Night is generously sponsored by Joel & Myra York and family in loving memory of Sarah & Chaim Neuberger z”l.